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MBA/Mini MBA Glossary of Terms


To improve and polish the necessary skills for a career in business management, an internationally approved and accepted degree such as the Master of Business Administration also know as MBA. Nevertheless, an MBA degree is not only a valuable degree for those who have a career in the business field, but it is also for people who have a managerial career or role in the public sector or another field of study. Overall, an average of six out of ten MBA course outline consists of four basic managerial subjects which are: economics, operation, accounting, and marketing. Furthermore, to enable students outside the business world who aim to have the degree for a particular reason wield it efficiently, other subjects from other fields have been added to the elective courses for an MBA program. In addition to all these, some schools have made a provision that requires a candidate to go through an internship at an organisation or a company in other to pave way for students to get immediate job opportunities after the program. In our world today, one of the most celebrated professional degree programs is the Masters of Business Administration. Worldwide, more than two thousand five hundred Masters of Business Administration programs are offered in the English language. MBA was first introduced towards the end of the twenty-first century at universities located in the United States, and now it is being modified regularly to keep up with modern day demands.


Management courses in the MBA program that demands the student to study for less than four hundred hours or less are commonly referred to as Mini MBA. However different institutions have different time duration set for these courses ranging from thorough weekly sessions, classes that last for more than a month, to Online classes. Since there are a lot of options to choose from, students who desire to obtain the degree just have to apply to an institution that offers a program that fits their schedule. Often, the students that apply for the Mini MBA are people who find themselves in a top or middle management position and do not have sufficient or any background in business management. This is because people in this category usually seek a higher knowledge in business concept as it not only take them to a different and better level in their career but it also opens their eyes to better opportunities and equip them with all necessities required to build a business plan that is solid and that increases the turnover rate and productivity of the business.


A Professional course is a course that is based mainly on the professional development of a career which is offered at several business schools. A professional course does not necessarily have any requirement and do not give credits but are directed at professionals who want to improve their skills for a specific duty or task in their work environment. For example, there are professional courses in finance, marketing, human resource and management among others. At the end of these programs, the student is awarded a diploma or a professional certificate.


All programs delivered online are of the same quality and quantity as those received by on-campus students. The difference is the medium with which it is delivered. The Online program includes:

  • The student will be awarded an internationally accepted diploma 
  • The student can study from any location with internet connection 
  • The student can study at a time that is convenient based on his schedule 
  • The lectures are given by academics who are at the top of the chosen field 
  • The student is liable to support services 


A Professional qualification is directed at helping one improve his ability to progress and make it in your chosen field especially if one has a particular aim or career goal and need an efficient and effective experience while you work making use of vocational training. A professional qualification is awarded by professional bodies within a related field and is preceded by a degree in the same field or a related field but which is not often necessary. A lot of careers require professional qualifications. As an example, to be a qualified Human Resource Manager you must take a certain course. However, some fields do not require these qualifications but they can help you attain a greater level of competency as well as improve your progress in your field.


A program that is officially offered to a prospective employee by an employer is referred to as Internship. This program last for a fixed duration of time and the intern is required to work full time or part time. It is commonly found among graduate students or undergraduates who aim to have practical experience in their fields and last for a duration of four months or more. An internship is a modern form of the old way in which a student learning a skill from a skilled person or craftsperson is required to work for a certain period of time after learning from the craftsmen.


A business school is a school that is specialized in the imparting of knowledge as regards business or its sub-branches. These schools often offer several types of business programs that relate to business which a person can choose based on the student's choice of career. A business school can operate on its own or it can be a sub-school within another school.


The Management & Marketing Universal Business School is a school that brings together both modern theory of business and its practical application and combines it with the knowledge of modern education. The school was set up in 2008 by a merger of companies as a project which was aimed at impacting quality online business education to business executives and business owners. The aim of the school is to provide affordable knowledge on education using e-learning all over the world.