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The five advantages of an online MBA


Some say an online MBA carries an inferior connotation. Others cite the lack of networking and career services as the disadvantages of an online MBA. But these opinions aside what should you really know about an online MBA and which advantages does it give you over a full-time version of the sought-after degree?

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Some facts that are true for any MBA:

Your MBA might just be worth as much as the school where you earn the degree. An accreditation is therefore essential and a good reputation and placement in relevant ranking might help as well.

Online MBAs, part-time MBAs as well as full-time MBS require a lot of commitment. Online MBA programmes usually require students to study a minimum of 15 to 20 hours a week on top of their full-time jobs. 

But where does the online MBA win over full-time MBAs?

1. Online MBAs are flexible. Everyone can learn and study at their own pace, in their time zone and according to work, social and family requirements. 

2. Students can continue their jobs and need not discontinue their career and income stream.

3. Online MBAs teach students to live and work in a virtual, globalised world which will be our future work environment as many business insiders predict.

4. Online MBA students are usually selected for their professional experience and often have had more years in business and are older than full-time MBA students. Therefore they can often add more insight and knowledge to courses. 

5. Online MBA students come from a very broad range of industries and not only finance/banking or consultancy adding more diverse knowledge to the programmes.