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MBA Research Proposal: 5 Writing Tips to Present a Masterpiece


Before any student writes and submits their MBA dissertation, they need to prepare what is known as a research proposal. A research proposal is mainly a rough idea or draft of what the dissertation will talk about. It gives tutors the basics of what a student will produce in their final draft and requires careful planning to conduct it successfully. Any mistakes done in a proposal can easily be carried on into the final dissertation is they are not dealt with or shown to a tutor. There are 4 writing tips every student must follow to present a masterpiece of a proposal to their tutor. These guidelines were borrowed from academic experts at PhD research proposal writing service with years of experience.

Come up with the topic

An MBA research proposal will not get off the ground if a student does not have a topic and that is why this is the first step. A topic is very important because it is the subject matter that will be analyzed by the student. A student needs to pick a topic that is narrow and not too broad. Picking a subject matter that is too broad can make things complicated as plenty of time and effort will be required to find all the necessary information. This can be challenging and stressful for some students if they are feeling the heat to get a good grade. Keeping the topic simple is advisable because information will easily be found and you will finish the research proposal on time.

Create a very good introduction for your research proposal

Apart from the conclusion, an introduction can be tricky and difficult to write when compared to the main body. Since an introduction sets the tone for the research proposal, many students struggle to come up with a good one because they want it to be perfect. Coming up with an introduction that read and flows well is not that difficult at all. The first thing that a student has to do in their introduction is to spell out the reason for their investigation. Once that is done, you have to come up with the hypothesis for your research paper. Lastly, evaluation of the usefulness of the topic to your own developments as well as for the company it is based on. It is very important to make this part of the research proposal very precise and straight to the point without adding unnecessary things or facts to it. The last thing that a student needs is to have an introduction that is not attractive on the eyes. This can easily put readers off.

Begin writing the literature review

Once the introduction is over and done with, it is time to add some meat to the research proposal and that is where the literature review comes in. When you are performing your research for the topic you picked, you really need to pick ideas and facts that matter. This will make your research proposal stand head and shoulders above everyone else’s. Failure to do so can result in producing a piece of work that is not only underwhelming but lackluster at the same time. You need to provide at least 5 sources to show your tutor that you are looking at relevant information to get your topic off the ground. Relevant information, in this case, means looking at things that are not outdated and recent. Adding content that is way out of date or too old can get you a very low mark. Make sure you read different materials from different authors to fully grasp the topic you have picked. The more authors you use to support your facts and work, the better and it will add the meat you need to make your literature review the masterpiece you want it to be.

Show your methodology

The last thing you need to do to make your research proposal a masterpiece is to have a methodology section. There is no denying that this section of the MBA research proposal is important because it shows a tutor the thought process of a student. It also shows the methods a student used to analyze their topic. In order to show a level of diversity, you need to use different methods to analyze your data. You need to be careful and pick a method that suits the topic because using the wrong method of analysis can lead to wrong or inconclusive results. You have to do everything you can to choose the best methodology for the research because this section can either make or break your research proposal.

Close with a nice conclusion

Closing a research proposal with a nice proposal is just as tricky as coming up with a good introduction. While an introduction as pointed out before setting the tone, a conclusion sums up the results that will be found in the research. It is basically a summary of everything that will be touched on in a future dissertation. Wording this section is not easy however, if you have your facts and information right, it can make life easy. Overall the tips mentioned above will help you present a masterpiece to your tutor if followed religiously. Although writing a proposal is not as time-consuming as a dissertation, it still requires attention to detail. You have to make sure that you have a good plan of action and spell out from the get-go why you picked that particular topic and not any other.