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The level of wages by occupation


Salaries MBAs

There are objective and factual evidence that explain wages of MBA graduates in various fields.

Also have data that take into account such criteria as experience, geography, business school , where he graduated graduate . But the median salary is quite difficult to deduce because some data are difficult to trace , and some significantly distort the overall rate .

For example , the age of an MBA graduate , whether the people in the new field or decided to do an MBA after 20 years of service and returned to his place of work, or, for example , salaries billionaires who distort very average.

The level of wages by occupation

Official position of MBA graduates is almost the same ( respectively , and the level of taxation ), despite the differences depending on the scope of activities. The most highly paid position of MBAs - financiers, the average annual income ranging from $ 92.802 to $ 166.066 . According to PayScale, the gap is due to the peculiarities of this scope and level of competence of the employee. General managers , production managers and directors take the next step with an average annual income of $ 120,000 to $ 130,000 . Salary level CFO or IT administrator is $ 75,000 - $ 100,000 , senior financial analyst or HR manager - about $ 80,000 .

Wage level by areas

If we compare the performance level salary of MBA graduates in different fields of activity , the need for this is another technique with other indicators . The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) in 2006 conducted a study according to which at the expiration of one year after the MVA highest salary is received by health workers - about $ 111,000 per year. Behind them - the financial sector workers ( $ 103.122 ) , consulting ( $ 101.736 ) , energy and public services ( $ 100.263 ) , hi-tech ( $ 98.621 ) , manufacturing ( $ 98.417 ) , retail products and services ( $ 94.558 ) and non-commercial and the public sector ( $ 73.125 ) . But , as noted earlier , the data may be slightly skewed , because in some areas - especially in health care - a large number of experienced workers is already highly paid professionals who have decided to get an MBA . The level of their wages are much higher than other MBAs .

Salary levels depending on experience

Salary and promotion MBAs grow according to their experience, as well as any other expert. This applies to any field or profession , as well as all areas of the MBA .


High wages typical for commercial centers and large metropolises . MBA graduates in New York on average earn about $ 100,000 per year. The same level of wages and in Chicago , Seattle and Boston. But when you consider the cost of living , the $ 100,000 in the " Big Apple " may not seem as attractive as , for example, $ 75,000 in North Dakota.

The most "expensive" MBAs

Among MBAs figure salary level which strongly distorts the average , ex- New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg , founder of the " titan " of the world financial news Bloomberg LP. Michael Bloomberg to be in tenth place in the ranking of the richest people in the U.S. with revenues of approximately $ 18 million . Bloomberg graduate of Harvard Business School. Another graduate of the Harvard Business School - George W. Bush - the only U.S. president who earned a MBA. James David Power III, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton Business School, is the founder of the marketing giant JD Power and Associates. Also on the list of millionaire MBAs junk bond king Michael Milken (Wharton), Wilbur Ross tycoon ml. (Harvard), Nike co-founder Philip Knight (Stanford) and stock guru John Paulson , whose network , at last count , is worth about $ 12 million.
Source : UBR