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PDP "Personal Development" | Region: Global

PDP (Professional Development Program) is a professional development program aimed at getting effective tools work.

PDP "Personal Development" is a remote training courses, which shows only the key working tools of promotion and sale of goods or services. By passing this course you will be able to increase the efficiency of your work. PDP (Professional Development Program) is a professional development program aimed at getting effective tools work.

Duration of the program is 1 month. On the expiration of this time each participant has to fill and provide on a check a workbook with cases.

At the end of the  program each of the participants receives a certificate from MMU Business School. 


The program of training consists of 4 basic professional modules:

Recommended study time - 110 hours.

Training cost: USD 930

Training cost includes summary materials, tests and the additional material recommended by our teachers. 
Document on the termination:
1. At the end of the training participants receive a certificate.
2. Also participants have a possibility to obtain the international certificate from MMU Business School.

Training format:

For training it is enough for you to have the personal computer with an internet access. By means of our educational platform "MMU Smart Education" training materials and workbooks are provided to you.

Remote education is a convenient and effective way to receive a qualitative and prestigious business education, to improve personal competences and to increase the competitiveness not interrupting your job, study and have a habitual rhythm of life.

Advantages of distance learning:

1. You study when it is convenient to you. You choose time, intensity and duration of the occupations; you study with a comfortable speed and a comfortable situation.

2. Mobility. Training materials are always nearby hand due to the educational site, a computer, a laptop or a phone.
3. Information support. We provide around the round-the-clock information to our students.
4. It is easy to combine with studying/working. You can study even if you are busy the most part of time at study/work.
5. Practical tutors. The remote program is created by the best practicing tutors.
6.  Availability from any point of the world.

Training is carried out in an interactive form; the most part of a course is constructed on the Case study method which is widely practiced by leading business schools of the world. Case study is the system of training which is based on the analysis, the decision and discussion of situations, both simulated, and real.

According to Cedar Group, the cost of electronic training is cheaper than other forms of education by 32-45% as there is an expense optimization on your moving, accommodation, placement rent and business trainers expenses.

Electronic training gives an opportunity of ensuring training at any time regardless of the teacher. 87% of the CIS countries companies have already chosen System of Distance Learning, as a constant complex of development for employees (UTs Data Redtsentr 2012). According to IBM and Lucent University, payback from expansion of online training systems is more than 1,000%.