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Creating a Success of Innovation

About webinar

‘Making a market’, or creating a need for something no-one has experienced before, is difficult enough for the most well-known sellers, but for entrepreneurs it is doubly so.

It is often assumed that customers are the best judges of whether or not they have a problem, but that is not always the case, especially when it comes to innovative and complex products. Consumers are uncertain of their requirements, so producers engage in guesswork to try and identify what they desire but cannot articulate. It’s a difficult position for both parties, and exacerbated for those entrepreneurs who, unlike well-established brands, lack an existing ‘implicit contract’ based on trust. Without the luxury of the implicit contract, entrepreneurs have to try harder to convince consumers.

Entrepreneurs working in complex markets need to accept that their innovation is not enough – how they get that innovation to market is equally as important, the process by which they transform a brilliant design into a marketable commodity that people suddenly realise they need. Without the market, their good technology will fail. 

For whom?

This webinar targets current managers of all levels. As well as all managers who need to know how to be well-rounded, competent and innovative office manager.

Key details:

Training Fee: 99

- Our fees include webinar and study materials (Optional).
- All you need is a computer or laptop and a broadband internet connection, and we’ll provide the rest.

Entry Requirements:

All our webinars have the same minimum entry requirements.

  • English Language competency requirements vary among webinars;
  • Relevant work experience minimum 1 year;

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