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What is a Mini MBA? | Alternative to an MBA

Back in the year 1949, the McGill University in Canada saw the first ever Mini-MBA programme being introduced. As the years have gone by a good number of Mini-MBA programmes have been developed in several universities and colleges all over the United States.

What is a Mini MBA?

Typically, Mini-MBA programmes are those management programmes that require less than 300-400 hours of study and in most cases they have a duration far less than that. Depending on the institution, the programme may span through a whole week with very intensive sessions (The in-person crash course). Other institutions would rather opt to have a month sessions and make it span through several months. Some of the institutions would prefer to offer online classes. As such, there is that variety so students who are interested in participating in such programmes just have to choose an institution with a programme that best suits their schedule.

Usually, the classes designed are meant for those who have found themselves in a middle or top management position but have low background in business. Such people usually aim at having a better mastery of business concepts. Not only will this permit them to go ahead in their careers but it will also make them see the bigger picture and empower them with the proficiency required to develop rock-solid business plans, increase their profitability and productivity as a whole.

What difference is there between MBA and Mini MBA?

With all the Mini-MBA programmes, despite their diverse curriculum, all the programmes get to teach the students the fundamental business which include business models, framework and other possible drivers that could bring about the success of an organization. This is unlike the MBA curricula which are practically out of touch with real-world demands, and many of these programmes have a culture that fosters quite some awful management habits.

Mini-MBA programmes tend to provide participants with the opportunity to experience various types and avenues of business that they wouldn't necessarily have had opportunities to work in, but know how essential it is to see the complete picture of what a business model should look like.

What opportunities does the Mini-MBA present?

Due to the downturn in the economy, many people are increasingly in the search of faster and cheaper means of bolstering their credentials and brushing up on their business skills. Many turn to these quick-hit business education programmes, commonly referred to as "Mini-MBA" programmes. Reason being that unlike the typical MBA programmes which were quite bulky in curriculum thus making the studies lengthy and very expensive, with the Mini-MBA programmes, participants attain a level of studies which is comparable to that MBA programmes but this is done at a much lower cost. Not only is the cost low but we have MBA professors from Business Schools giving a condensed overview of the major concepts and topics  taught in a complete two-year MBA programme being condensed and taught in just a few days or in a couple of months of evening courses.  

Unfortunately due to geographical barriers, not all students who long to participate in these programmes have the chance of making it to the top Business Schools where they will be taught these management courses. These are business schools that make use internet resources to revolutionize formal education by making available online all their Management Courses and at the end of the programme, the participants are entitled to a diploma which is recognized internationally. With an International diploma featuring in a resume, the participant has the equal chances of being picked for a job as someone who had the chance of making it to the top Business Schools.

At M&MU Business School we use term "Mini MBA" in all Representations all over the world, thereby allowing anyone to get flexible and affordable business education.

Reason why we have succeeded in maintaining the "name" for the past years is because the Online Mini-MBA we offer has that particularity of providing an overview of the key concepts and techniques that are required in order to succeed in today’s challenging world of business. The programme incorporates specific learning experiences which are cantered on key subject areas in the business world of today.

Upon completion of our programmes, the participants would have acquired a rock-solid framework which will permit them make better decisions on issues that affect their companies and as results, affect their careers as well. Their programme is done entirely online. It spans through 4-12 weeks with 4-5 learning modules, in general this is a very easy to use learning system. Each module has explanatory textbooks, additional videos or relevant literature that you can read anywhere and anytime you want.

Come on board and check our Online Mini MBA Programmes.