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Mini MBA/MBA Programs

Our programs are the real challenge for you to develop core management skills and competencies as of international business professional. 

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Professional courses

The Professional courses is a training module and an optimal tool. It is directed to provide the practical experience with fast and steady results.

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Management & Marketing Universal Business School provides convenient and easy access to many business topics in our webinars and online courses.

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We arrange trips to leading European companies, where you can meet professionals. We offer the chance to get a real insight into the world of business.

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Programs start schedule

Our programs start on the 14th and 28th date of every month. If you are a registered applicant, please contact your manager to clarify the exact date of your program start.

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The Management & Marketing Universal Business School
was established in 2008 by the a group of companies as a project intended to deliver the qualitative distance business education for middle managers and executives, as well as for business owners. The school’s supervisory management body is located in Edinburgh, the United Kingdom. All  education programs match the European standards, and the certificates issued by our business school are recogniszed internationally.

Our positive impact with a focus on towards hands-on business education will equip you with both hard and soft skills, as well as real-world experience within a supportive study environment. Your knowledge will be immediately applicable to real-life business situations. With our programs you’ll develop your ability to perform at the a high level in global business.


6 reasons to start studying in our school

More than 3,000 students!

More than 3,000 managers graduated our MBA/Mini MBA programs last year.

We have been working since 2008!
Since 2008 we have been operating in the countries of America, Europe and Asia.
Professional tutors!
Our supervisory board is represented by 50 professional tutors.
International diplomas!
We award successful students with international diplomas under our international status.