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Frequently asked questions


Who are we?

The Management & Marketing Universal Business School (M&MU BS) is a learning provider that delivers online courses and MBA/Mini MBA Programmes to learners from all corners of the world. M&MU BS is based in the United Kingdom, it was set up in 2008 by a merger of companies as a project which was aimed at impacting quality online business education to business executives and business owners. Th.e aim of the school is to provide affordable knowledge on education using e-learning all over the world. To learn more about us please check about section here.

What is Business School?
A business school is a school that is specialised in the imparting of knowledge as regards business or its sub-branches. These schools often offer several types of business programs that relate to business which a person can choose based on the student's choice of career. A business school can operate on its own or it can be a sub-school within another school. 

What is MBA?
To improve and polish the necessary skills for a career in business management, an internationally approved and accepted degree such as the Master of Business Administration also know as MBA. Nevertheless, an MBA degree is not only a valuable degree for those who have a career in the business field, but it is also for people who have a managerial career or role in the public sector or another field of study. Overall, an average of six out of ten MBA course outline consists of four basic managerial subjects which are: economics, operation, accounting, and marketing. Furthermore, to enable students outside the business world who aim to have the degree for a particular reason wield it efficiently, other subjects from other fields have been added to the elective courses for an MBA program. In addition to all these, some schools have made a provision that requires a candidate to go through an internship at an organisation or a company in other to pave way for students to get immediate job opportunities after the program. In our world today, one of the most celebrated professional degree programs is the Masters of Business Administration. Worldwide, more than two thousand five hundred Masters of Business Administration programs are offered in the English language. MBA was first introduced towards the end of the twenty-first century at universities located in the United States, and now it is being modified regularly to keep up with modern day demands.

What is Mini MBA?
Management courses in the MBA program that demands the student to study for less than four hundred hours or less are commonly referred to as Mini MBA. However different institutions have different time duration set for these courses ranging from thorough weekly sessions, classes that last for more than a month, to Online classes. Since there are a lot of options to choose from, students who desire to obtain the degree just have to apply to an institution that offers a program that fits their schedule. Often, the students that apply for the Mini MBA are people who find themselves in a top or middle management position and do not have sufficient or any background in business management. This is because people in this category usually seek a higher knowledge in business concept as it not only take them to a different and better level in their career but it also opens their eyes to better opportunities and equip them with all necessities required to build a business plan that is solid and that increases the turnover rate and productivity of the business.

What is online courses?
All programs delivered online are of the same quality and quantity as those received by on-campus students. The difference is the medium with which it is delivered. The Online program includes:

  • The student will be awarded an internationally accepted diploma  
  • The student can study from any location with internet connection  
  • The student can study at a time that is convenient based on his schedule  
  • The lectures are given by academics who are at the top of the chosen field  
  • The student is liable to support services  

Why are these programmes so cheap?
M&MU BS is committed to providing the highest quality education at the most affordable prices. Our continuing education courses are ideal for enhancing your personal understanding on business administration subjects. We believe education should be affordable and accessible by all.


How do I apply for a programme?

You can simply choose your programme and enrol online, via this page. Alternatively, you can send a request to our email info@mmu-bs.com or call the M&MU BS Enrollments team on +44 131 608 0561 and they will guide you through the Enrolment process.

What the entry requirements?

  • You must be over 25 years old; 
  • You must normally be a graduate of a University; 
  • You are expected to have minimum 2 years or more of full-time work experience; 
  • You must demonstrate proficiency in the English language. (Optional)

What documents are required for application?

  • Diploma (If it is not in English, please also provide a translation in English.) 
  • Transcripts:  a copy of your list of grades. (If it is not in English, please provide a translation in English.) 
  • A copy of your passport or your EU identity card (valid on the start date of your program) 
  • Your curriculum vitae 
  • Copy of your language test with sufficient results (if applicable)

What if I do not meet formal entry requirements?
If you do not meet our formal entry requirements, but still feel you can demonstrate the ability to complete the course successfully, you may still be accepted onto a course. Each application will be considered on its merits.

Will there be an interview?
There is no interview process. You will have to fill out a short application form to make sure you meet the criteria.

How do I choose the best programme for me?
Learners should first visit this page to view the list of programmes that we offer. To decide on what subjects the best suit the learner, he/she should:

  • Review the modules within the course, do they interest you? are they relevant to your chosen career path? 
  • How the programme is taught and assessed, do you have the motivation to study via distance learning? are you able to work independently? 

It is important that learners do not try to extend themselves too far and too quickly so should ideally choose a path that comfortably moves on from their existing level of skills and experience.


Can I talk to other students?
Because of educational system peculiarities, and in order to prevent falsification of knowledge control results, contacts between participants of the programme are limited. We have a range of events where participants may get acquainted and exchange contact information, these events are held offline.

How much support is available for students?
Learners can use the support section at any time. There is a tutor that will monitor students work, review and assess submissions, and be available to answer any questions or concerns throughout the programme by email. Learners may also choose to purchase additional tutor support.

What do I do if I am struggling?
You can seek help from managers or tutors just email info@mmu-bs.com or study.center@mmu-bs.com


How do I study?
Our programs are entirely 100% online and self-paced. It is conducted using a simple “M&MU Smart Education” learning system. There are textbooks for each module, videos which can be watched when you are less busy, as well as other study materials. Every module should be submitted with an appropriate test, that you are to provide online for checking up. We understand that all students have their strengths and weaknesses, but usually, about 1 hour of studies a day is required. 

For your studies, you will just need a computer/tablet/smartphone with internet access. Digital − the new normal in business − will strengthen your learning process. Our M&MU Smart Education platform grants you access to all of the learning materials anywhere and anytime.

When do programmes start and end?
Our programmes are available to start on 14th and 28th date of every month. The programme ends when you complete all the tests and the manager graduates you from the course.

I just enrolled, now what do I do?
You should wait until your programme starts (Clearefy start date with our manager by email: info@mmu-bs.com). Then follow the next steps:

  • Simply login to account with your Email and Password. (You will receive it after registration)
  • Click on the My Programmes tab that located at the left side. 
  • Once you are in the "My Programmes area, you can enter the virtual classroom by clicking on the course title which will bring you to the Class Start Page.
  • Start learning!

What does 'self-paced' mean?
'Self-paced' means you go at your own pace. When you take a self-paced, online course then you complete the lessons, assignments, exams, and other activities when you have time and on your own time. You still need to complete the course within available course time, however, when you decide to complete the course objectives within this time is entirely up to you.

Do all modules have an exam?
All modules have an online exam. Completion of the requisite number of exams will give the diploma or certificate that positively recognised by companies all over the World.

Can I finish the course sooner?
Yes, you can finish the programme at any time before your time expires.

How many hours will it take to complete a programme?
Most of our programmes can be completed if you will spend 1 hour/day.

What happens if I need more time to complete a programme?
If you need more than you've been granted to complete a programme, you may order extra time and continue the course from where you left off.

Do I get a certificate or diploma at programme completion?
You will receive a Digital Certificate or Diploma (It depends on your programme) at successful completion. Additional printing/shipping/handling charges are applied if you want us to ship you a hard copy of the Certificate or Diploma. We can ship a hard copy Certificate or Diploma for an additional fee. Please note: we are not able to ship to all countries/international destinations and/or P.O. boxes. However, your digital Certificate with verified serial number can be easily shared/printed/emailed/downloaded online no matter where you reside.

Can I study anywhere in the world?
Yes. There are no geographical limitations.


I have forgotten my username/password and cannot login to my account, how can I get access?
If learners have lost or forgotten their login details, they can request a new password here. Or Emai info@mmu-bs.com for more assistance.

How do I change my personal contact details once I have given them to M&MU BS?
All details can be edited by an administrator. Emai info@mmu-bs.com for more assistance.

Can I still access my account if I have finished my course?
Access to the M&MU BS account is for a maximum of 1 years from the date of enrollment. This can be extended if a request is made in writing to M&MU BS Student admin.

Is the site secure? Is my information safe?
Yes, all financial information is securely encrypted during transmission and securely stored. All transmissions of sensitive information are encrypted using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).


Is the online payment taken immediately?
Yes. Once M&MU BS has received the cleared funds your programme material will be released to you on the next programme starting date.

Is there any financial assistance available?
We offer an interest-free payment plan so that you can pay for your programme over a set number of months. Contact one of our student advisers for more information about this. (info@mmu-bs.com)

What payment options are available?
Payment can be made online through Online Payment Gate by credit/debit card, bank transfer through any of our international banks.

What is your refund policy?
For all services that are paid for on this site, we have a refund policy that is applicable during the first 10 days after confirmation that your purchase has been completed. Read more?


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